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A crisis such as a cancer diagnosis impacts the entire family. What if you can fight not only the problem but also the joy-sucking demons that attack on the way? This book offers practical suggestions on how to get a family through the long, demanding journey that an unexpected crisis often requires. Each situation is unique, but emotional suffering is a common denominator. It is possible to experience hope, find relief, and even laugh.

    Elaine shares the stories of her family: three generations who joined forces when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Each generation from the young grandchildren, to the adult children, to the grandma and papa (Elaine and Wayne) adds insights to dealing with the collateral damage of cancer. Opening themselves to God’s guidance brought unexpected blessings to an unexpected battle.

     With poignant honesty, Elaine reveals the pain, love, and laughter they shared, as well as the lessons they learned through the crisis they faced. You will gain insight on how to communicate, understand family members’ reactions, experience peace, encourage the young children, make decisions, and fortify faith. Together you can grow stronger as a family. Individually, you can experience the blessings of God’s promises.

The Bush Family Tree


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